These terms and conditions apply unless an exception is stated in the description of an individual Portal Journey.

Participants reserve their tickets by transferring the ticket fee to Julie Mariels IvS: Reg. no. 9129, account no. 0003970817.

The full price of the ticket will be refunded if cancellation is made earlier than 24 hours before the Portal Journey begins. No refund is available for cancellations made after 24 hours before the beginning of the Portal Journey. Cancellations are made by contacting one of the tour guides.

Participation in Portal Journeys happens at the participant’s own risk. Julie Mariel IvS is not liabel for any potential injuries the participants could suffer or cause on others during the Portal Journey.

The participants are responsible for their own transportation to and from the point of departure for the Portal Journey. Food and drinks are not included and must be brought along by the participants themselves if needed.

Portal Journeys take place outside and include walking. It is the participant’s own responsibility to make sure that his or her state of health permits the physical effort demanded by the program for the Portal Journey.

The tour guides will channel messages from The Guided Field during the Portal Journey. It is up to the participants to assess which messages make sense to them. The participants are themselves responsible for any decisions made based on advice from the tour guides and The Guided Field.

The tour guides will hold an energy field for the participants and send healing to them. This means that by participating in a Portal Journey, you agree to receive healing from the tour guides during the event. The healing may cause cleansing symptoms and healing symptoms, and it is important that the receivers of the healing drink plenty of water during and after the healing. If you wish to have the full benefit of the healing, we recommend that you avoid alcohol and drugs the day before, on the day, and after the day of the healing.

This type of personal development training may cause emotional or energetic reactions in the participants (popularly known as “being in process”). The participants are very welcome to seek support from the tour guides in dealing with such reactions, but the participants carry the responsibility for dealing with such reactions and for making sure that such personal reactions do not harm any other participants.

Pictures of the participants taken by the tour guides or their helpers during a Portal Journey may be used for promotional purposes. If a participant does not agree to this, he or she must inform one of the tour guides.