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Portal Journeys are journeys to power places in nature and historical holy places. We utilize the energy of the locations as inspiration and catalyst for our inner growth. At the same time we perform light work by connecting to Mother Earth and letting her feel our presence and thankfulness. Every journey is unique because it is centered around the specific destination, the participants and the point in time.

Julie Mariel and Rie Jespersen facilitate the Portal Journeys, guided by the masters in The Guided Field. The journeys typically contain meditation, vision journeys, channelings, silent walk and healing. Please see the individual journeys for the specific agendas.

We offer smaller trips in Denmark in Danish and international journeys in English and/or Danish.

You reserve your ticket by either buying the ticket in Julie Mariel’s webshop or by transferring the ticket fee to Julie Mariel on reg.no. 9129, account no. 0003970817 or via Mobilepay to Rie Jespersen on 44197 or by paying in cash. By signing up to a Portal Journey you agree to Portal Journeys’ terms and conditions.

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Upcoming Portal Journeys

[list style=”1″ title=”May 2021 (Sold out – waiting list)” image=”1711″]Trip to the Bosnian Pyramids – comfortable and easy trip with stay in monestary. Healing, meditation, excavations, tunnels and much more.[/list][list style=”1″ title=”August 2021 (sold out – waiting list)” image=”1711″]Trip to the Bosnian Pyramids – lots of hiking, exploring the pyramid valley on foot. Healing, meditation, excavations, tunnels, overnight stay in tent at the Moon pyramid and much more.[/list][list style=”1″ title=”More trips to the Bosnian Pyramids” image=”1711″]We are going to arrange more trips to the Bosnian Pyramids as soon as the regulations are back to normal and it is possible again to be insuranced. Follow our newsletter (in Danish) or sign up for the waiting list if you want to join a future trip![/list]

Tour guides

PORTAL JOURNEYS are arranged and guided by Julie Mariel and Rie Jespersen. They are both social anthropologists, healers, channels, and hypnotherapists. And they are twins. They both have a lot of travelling experience and an extensive anthropological knowledge about the peoples and cultures of our planet. Besides this, they have been practicing spirituality from a very young age and have been certified healers since 2011. On the Portal Journeys they live out their passions of helping people thrive.


Julie Mariel holds the energetic field and sends healing to the participants.

Julie Mariel is cand.scient.anth. from Aarhus University with a thesis on shamanism. She is the owner of the company Julie Mariel, where she offers healing, hypnotherapy, group meditations and personal development groups. She has taught healing at Sjæle Lyset’s school of clairvoyance, healing and mediumship and is currently teaching Soul Key therapy at her own courses. Certified Reiki II Healer, hypnotist and hypnotherapist, channel for The Guided Field, and healer with a broad palette of healing energies within New Age Shamanism. Trained as shaman with guidance from shaman Karina Bundgaard.

You can reach Julie Mariel on kontakt@juliemariel.dk or phone +45 28 74 89 21.

See more about Julie Mariel on juliemariel.dk or her facebook page.


Rie Jespersen facilitates exercises, meditations and Q&A-sessions by channeling the masters of The Guided Field.

Rie Jespersen is cand.scient.anth. from Aarhus University with a thesis on alternative treatments. Rie is a certified Reiki II healer, hypnotist and hypnotherapist, channel for The Guided Field. and healer with energies from New Age Shamanism. Besides offering individual sessions, Rie runs group courses online and live in Behandlerhuset Rislundvej 12, Risskov and at Bakbjergvej 20, Them. Furthermore, Rie is trained as a new age shaman with guidance from new age shaman Karina Bundgaard.

You can contact Rie on contact@riejespersen.dk or phone +45 60 85 51 19.

See more about rie on riejespersen.dk or her facebook page.

Previous Portal Journeys

[list style=”1″ title=”Portal Journey to Kongeskansen at Dybbøl, sep. 26th 2020″ image=”2328″]Theme: the future[/list][list style=”1″ title=”August 30th 2020 – Portal Journey to Gjøl in Northern Jutland” image=”2303″]Theme: the occupation[/list][list style=”1″ title=”June 21st 2020 – Rydhave in Western Jutland at Summer Solstice” image=”1969″]Theme: inner freedom[/list][list style=”1″ title=”Shamanic winter solstice ceremony in Ry, Middle Jutland, Dec. 22nd 2019″ image=”1381″]In coorporation with Outdoor365. Drum journey in a tipi and nature walk at dusk.[/list][list style=”1″ title=”Oct. 27th 2019 – Portal Journey to Kronborg, Zealand” image=”1715″]Theme: Power[/list][list style=”1″ title=”09.27.19 – Portal evening with esoteric kinesiology” image=”425″]Theme: Be your own portal[/list][list style=”1″ title=”2.-8./7 2019 – The Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids (sold out)” image=”1179″ link=”https://juliemariel.dk/portal-journey-til-de-bosniske-pyramider-2019/”]Join us for an epic adventure to the Bosnian Valley of the Pyramids! We are going to do a big and important energy work, where the participants will receive an initiation, and then pass the energetic connection on the the Pyramid of the Sun, so that it will become and even more powerful transmitter of positive energies. We are also going to lift an energygrid that has been keeping the energy of the valley down. And we are going to receive a healing in the tunnels of Ravne. And much more… The tour will be a wonderful holiday-mix with five days of sightseeing, meditation and energy work, hiking and enjoying ourselves and the high spirited company of the group.[/list][list style=”1″ title=”21/12 2018 Energy work and winter solstice ritual, Moesgaard” image=”1146″ link=”https://www.facebook.com/events/265033400875581/”]The energy work of this Portal Journey focuses on an energy grid between significant historical buildings which has been used for the suppression of people. We will lift the frequency of the grid so that it can only be used for purposes that are aligned with equality and co-creation. After the energy work we will have a shamanic winter solstice ceremony at Moesgaard Beach.[/list][list style=”1″ title=”18/8 2018 The Root, Southern Jutland” image=”611″]This Portal Journey concludes the “Jutland series” by performing energy work on the root chakra of Jutland, which is found between Løgumkloster and Aabenraa. This tour will be guided in Danish.[/list][list style=”1″ title=”10/6-2018 The Crown, Tolne Hills” image=”608″]This Portal Journey takes place on the summer solstice and goes to the crown chakra of Jutland, Tolne Hills in Northern Jutland. This tour will be guided in Danish.[/list][list style=”1″ title=”12/5-2018 Hara, Kongeåen” image=”606″ link=”https://www.facebook.com/events/435017176935983/”]This Portal Journey ventures to ‘Kongeåen’, “the king river”, where we find the hara chakra of Jutland. This tour will be guided in Danish.[/list][list style=”1″ title=”14/4-2018 Third Eye, Hammer Hills” image=”605″]This Portal Journey goes to Hammer hills near Aalborg in Northern Jutland. Hammer hills make up the third eye chakra of Jutland. This tour will be guided in Danish.[/list][list style=”1″ title=”10/3-2018 Solar Plexus, Jelling” image=”604″ link=”https://www.facebook.com/events/1361608103950779/”]The next Portal Journey will go to Jelling, the solar plexus centre of Jutland. This tour will be guided in Danish.[/list][list style=”1″ image=”505″ title=”21/12 2017 – Winter Solstice Journey to Rebild Hills (in Danish)” link=”https://www.facebook.com/events/297331737439615/”]Portal Journeys invites you to a winter solstice journey to Rebild Hills. Winter solstice is a special time of the year, as it is a rite of passage where the sun turns from being at its lowest to gaining a renewed strength. The solar year begins and ends on this day, which is therefore especially good for energy work and transformational rituals.

The area around Rebild makes up the throat chakra of Jutland, so on this trip we will work on anchoring the life energy in the creative centre of the throat. The participants will be supported in opening up to their potential for clear and creative expression. At the same time our energy work supports the flow of the ley lines of the Earth, so that it becomes easier for Mother Earth to cleanse herself in a harmoneous way. The journey will be beautiful and ceremonial, beginning with a walk to the spring of Ravnkilde, where we will perform a cleansing ritual. Then we will walk to the hills and do a guidet meditation in support of the participants and Mother Earth. The journey will be guided by White Eagle, Merlin, Christ and Mary Magdalene. The guidance will be in Danish. Please see the detailed program in the facebook event by clicking here. Participation fee: 300 Dk. Kr.[/list][list style=”1″ image=”411″ title=”9/9 2017 – Himmelbjerget (guided in Danish)” link=”https://www.facebook.com/events/161400044415265/?ref=ts&fref=ts”]Portal Adventures invites you for the first journey into nature and into yourself. This journey goes to Himmelbjerget, the heart chakra of Jutland. On this journey you will be guided to find your way into your own heart chakra and use the path of the heart to feel the presence of your soul. The journey contains guided exercises, guided group meditation, and Q&A-session with The Guided Field. During the ceremonial part of the journey, we will hold a common energetic field in which we share our competences. In this way the spiritual senses of all the participants will be enhanced while we are in the field. The energetic field will also be used to send healing to the participants.[/list]